Where does the good go

Hello out there

Ok, I am getting crazy, insane amounts of hits today…and while my windshield wipers post is fascinating and insightful…well, it has to be coming from somewhere else. Some magical, wonderful traffic generating place that I wish to thank and pay homage to properly…so if anyone can figure it out, leave me a comment!

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  1. Alceste Says:

    You’re getting hits from comcast domains across the country – maybe there’s a link to your blog on the portal home page (that is not showing up as a referral?) or maybe their computers are being used against their will…

  2. Alceste Says:

    And if you maintain your current hit rate, you’ll actually have more hits than Alarming News (and possibly a higher bill from your bandwidth provider at the end of the month too)

  3. Jenny Says:

    I was directed to your site from
    Ari Goes Down
    when you live-blogged the Emmys. I was thoroughly entertained and have been checking back since.

    You should definately send your higher bandwidth bill to her :)

  4. Yaron Says:

    Alright, I’m intrigued by this mystery… all the Comcast hits are going, bizarrely, to your December archive page. And they’re from different computers, albeit all Windows XP. Some kind of virus? A weird script? Hasselhoff-loving Windows users? Don’t know.

  5. F-Train Says:

    unfortunately, because there’s no way of looking at your blogspot entries any more, and jcn scripted everything in a way that got rid of those insane 18-digit numbers for page names, I’m not sure we’ll know what that is.

  6. jcn Says:

    That’s this post:

  7. Jake Says:

    I think it is your death dreams. Everyone is tuning in to see if they will be killed tomorrow.

  8. Dawn Summers Says:


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