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Off Poker

Off Poker

Well, that week went well.
I didn’t think about poker once!
I didn’t watch a hundred hours of poker on the TV and internet.
I certainly didn’t desperately try to put a game together two days before the week was up.
No sirree, Bob. I did not.
Instead, I finished two books. (Three Junes and Rule of Four, two ehs and a blah apiece.)
I did laundry myself! How boring was that? Figured out that the dryer costs .032 a minute.
I watched an inordinate number of Buffy The Vampire Slayer DVDs and watched a couple of Netflix movies (Has anyone else managed to find random black and white WWII movies in their queque?)
And…drumroll, please…even went to the Gym. THE GYM.
So, experiment tried, ruled a moderate success…but we now return to our previously scheduled poker playing.

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  1. Karol Says:

    Such. A. Liar.

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