Where does the good go



Man, I don’t really remember what I did with my weekends before I got a grill.

7 Responses to “THE GRILL LIFE”

  1. Television Says:

    I remember. I miss you.

  2. Atlantic City Says:

    I miss you more.

  3. Mama Says:

    I don’t miss your sorry butt one bit.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Let’s grill Lobsters on sunday!!! We should get creative with the grill!

  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    Check out miss moneybags with her “let’s grill lobsters!” We’re gonna have to play many, mnay, many hands of $5 NLHE before I can afford lobsters to “get creative with”! :)

  6. Lisa Says:

    Their has to be a reasonably priced fish monger in BK.

    You lack vision! Think butter & garlic rubbed allover a nice 2 lber.

  7. Yaron Says:

    Yeah, I barely remember what life was like before I got my grillz.

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