Where does the good go

SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bonds breaks Ruth’s record.

Don’t hate the playa, suckas.

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  1. Ari Says:

    hate the filthy ‘roided cheater. You tell ’em!!

  2. dawn summers Says:

    sasat! :)

  3. Ugarte Says:

    Babe Ruth doesn’t have a record. Babe Ruth had a record. Hank Aaron, a man with more class in his pinky than the last three generations of the Bonds family combined, broke that record. Barry Bonds currently has the second most home runs in MLB history.

  4. dawn summers Says:

    whoa. but i do agree with the overall point that ruth had already been surpassed and all ruthmania is waaaay annoying.

  5. Ari Says:

    I know what that means and I will NOT!

  6. dawn summers Says:

    Sasat! heh heh

  7. Ari Says:

    Never. Gonna. Happen.


  8. F-Train Says:

    From the Sports Guy mail bag this week:

    Q: If I have to watch one more Barry Bonds montage or see “Baseball Tonight” interrupted by another live Bonds at-bat, I will vomit. There are so many wonderful things going on in baseball right now. Why aren’t we talking about the first-place Tigers or Rockies? Or Scott Kazmir doing his best Sandy Koufax impression to start the season? How about the fact that Nomar Garciaparra is batting .360-something? I see Bonds as a washed-up old man who looks bored playing the game of baseball, and look forward to the day he fades out of baseball for good. Then we can start focusing on the things that make this game great, the things that make baseball worth watching, and worth loving.
    — Andy, Boxborough, Mass.

    SG: Couldn’t agree more. The Bonds saga has broken the record for “biggest disparity between the amount of newspaper/TV coverage on a subject versus the amount of time I’ve spent discussing that subject with my friends and/or my father.” I’m not kidding you — I haven’t spent a single second discussing Bonds with anyone I know over the past two months, except for one time with my buddy Hench when we were talking about how broken down Bonds looks in left, then I wondered if the Tigers (and Jim Leyland) would trade for him this summer to DH, followed by us wondering how much Bonds would go for in our AL roto league as a free agent if that happened. That was it.

    Bonds just isn’t that compelling anymore — it’s a tainted milestone, he doesn’t have any credibility, and watching him play baseball at this point is like watching Andre The Giant in the late-’80s, when he could barely move and wore those tights with the one strap over his shoulder. It’s depressing. There’s just nothing happy about him. I’m much more interested in Leyland and the Tigers, or the Mets possibly getting hooked up to the Juvenation Machine, or Poo Holes’ at-bats, or young flamethrowers like Papelbon and Zumaya … I mean, I can think of 50 baseball subplots right now that are more compelling than some broken-down dude limping around and trying to break a milestone that he cheated to get. Enough is enough.

  9. PAUL Says:

    If Bonds couldn’t still play ball he would be pushed out of MLB. It’s that simple. He might look old and bored to you but what matters is what he can do on the field.
    A team isn’t going to hold on to Bonds out of respect, nostalgia or loyalty.
    Like a Jerry Rice or an Emmit Smith. When he doesn’t fullfill the needs of a team he is a goner.

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