Where does the good go



*THIS* is the party that has kicked our ass in every major election in the state, except the U.S. Senate races, for the last twelve years?

The state’s top GOP legislator is urging fellow Republican Jeanine Pirro to pull out of the U.S. Senate race against Hillary Clinton.

State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno says he’s told Pirro, the Westchester County District Attorney and Senate hopeful, she has a better shot at winning the state’s attorney general slot.

That seat will soon be vacated by Democrat Eliot Spitzer, who plans to run for governor in 2006.

“While she may make a great U.S. senator, she would be a greater public service, she’d be a greater service to the state ticket to be on as Attorney General,” said Bruno.

Pirro has said in a statement that while she appreciates Bruno’s confidence in her abilities, she is still a candidate for U.S. Senate.

Bruno contends Pirro’s odds are not good against incumbent Clinton. Clinton has maintained a comfortable lead, according to independent polls.

Insert head hung in shame.

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