Where does the good go



You know, not everybody has a body like you.

10 Responses to “RANDOM THOUGHT”

  1. Karol Says:

    George Michael?

  2. dawn summers Says:

    No, I’m sure George Michael does not have a body like you. You’re a girl.

  3. jason Says:

    If everyone had a body like me we’d all die of a heart attack at 40.. that would suck.

  4. Ugarte Says:

    I’m guessing this should have been a “Not so…” post.

  5. dawn summers Says:

    uhhh…no…it’s pretty so.

  6. Karol Says:

    “Well I guess it would be nice, if I could touch your body, I know not everybody has got a body like you….oh…but I gotta think twice, before I give my heart away and I know all the games you play, because I play them too…oh but I need some time off, from that emotion, time to pick my heart up off the floor….and when that loves comes down without devotion, well it takes a strong man baby but I’m showing you the door….cause I gotta have faith mmmm I gotta have faith, I gotta have faith, faith, faith, I gotta have faith, faith, faith.”

  7. dawn summers Says:

    Thanks, buddy, thanks.

  8. jason Says:

    Wait – George Michael covered a Limp Bizkit song??

  9. dawn summers Says:

    I see your comment and I raise you a “who is limp bizkit”?

  10. jason Says:

    Nice hand.

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