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My wacky last hand of the night has been replaying in my head all morning:

I’m dealt pocket eights in early position.

I raise four times the BB.

Ugarte, on the button (I think…) calls.

Ron Lad (Karol’s brother) goes all-in for a little more than four dollars.

He had been playing crazy all night (calling my pocket sevens with like 86o) and I think he wanted to go home.

So, I think long and hard, but make the call.

Unfortunately, I did all my long and hard thinking out loud, so Ugarte also calls.


Flop comes rainbow J 10 and one undercard…maybe a four.

I check, button checks.

Another J comes on the turn.

I check.

Ugarte thinks and thinks and then bets out a quarter of the pot.

I am so about to fold when something — I think F-train calls it poker sense — tells me not to fold. Everything about the bet seemed designed to get me to fold.

But I know I can’t call…so, I stare straight at my chips and announce I’m all in.

I watch Ugarte count out the chips…then make like he was gonna fold…then go back to the chips…I can’t really tell if he had anything or he was on a draw, so I didn’t know if I was rooting for a call or a fold.

Finally, he annouces that he doesn’t think I have it and that he thinks his threes are good. He tosses in his call.

I flip my eights sooo fast!

Ron Lad moans “No…Daaawwwn,” and dejectedly turns over sevens.

Ugarte shows his threes and it’s all about that last river card!

3 Responses to “HOW WOULD YOU PLAY IT?”

  1. Ugarte Says:

    You played it right the whole way. I got a little cocky and called a hand I shouldn’t have. Ron Lad’s pocket sevens were MUCH better than what I thought he had. I put you on Ax and Ron Lad on ATC.

  2. DRobbSki Says:

    I woulda turned to my right and asked Alex Rodriguez what to do.

  3. Hi there Says:

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