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SOOO HUNGRY…(Or live blogging HTAAF)

3:26 p.m. I am very hungry.
3:27 p.m. Still starving.
3:33 p.m. Growl, growl.
3:34 p.m. So…really this has become live blogging Dawn Summers’ Tuesday afternoon.
3:41 What shenanigans are these? Evidently Dorian Davis is now a “commenter” on the “radio show.” Who’s up next week? Karol’s brother? Her cat?
4:00 Are there people who read this weekly “collection of snarky comments and giddy mishearings” who don’t listen to the “radio” show itself?
4:02 Are there people who read this weekly “collection of snarky comments and giddy mishearings?”
4:03 My stomach has begun to digest itself.
4:06 Karl Rove can’t pronounce savagery.
4:06 Ace: “Making a point which seems well nigh irrefutable, yet people are trying to refute it.”
4:07 OOOh, I wanna be a Senator in tennis shoes!
4:07 Ace didn’t know that Osama bin Laden was such a supporting of working moms. Karol: “he’s a humanitarian!”
4:08 Senator Patty Murray usually clocks in a number 1 on the stupid Senators list…(good thing there is not a corresponding “internet radio hosts” list)
4:08 Howard Dean quote “he wanted to withhold judgment on Osama bin Laden” (that crazy, crazy Dean)
4:09 “interestingly enough” when DeLay was being investigated Dean said that De Lay should be indicted. (Does Ace know what interestingly means?)
4:10 Kerry wondered if the War on Terror was really a war. (ummm…I think that was Bush)
4:11 “What Rove said about liberals wanting to prepare indictments and therapy is obviously an exaggeration since liberals didn’t want to do anything at all”
4:11 This is now the third time they have told the Afghanistan sanctions story…and it wasn’t that great the first time around.
4:12 Twelve minutes and no attack on the liberal media.
4:14 HAHAHAHAHHAAHAH “NYT is now squawking that we have psychologists helping interrogate prisoners in Afghanistan”
4:15 NYT is very upset about just using psychologist. “Liberals don’t like war and they will criminalize everything about war.
4:15 Ace: “I have no doubt that people are being tortured in some places and I support that.”
4:16 Liberals have to answer the question affirmatively, what tactics would you support to extract information.
4:16 This is the first HTAAF guest that I’ve actually met.
4:17 Let’s start right on Hustler and Penthouse. There is a profile of Gorin in Penthouse because she is a comedian and they do one a month. (No, dawn’s blog did not say Penthouse tries to do one a month.)
4:17 Ace: “Will Hustler do a hatchet job on you?”
4:18 I didn’t know he was leftist when I did the interview. “As long as you have a promise from a leftist journalist that they’ll be fair, then there’s no cause to fear”
4:19 “everybody knows the democrats don’t belong in the white house…they belong in museums and cafes”
4:19 Are they really mad at this or just trying to create some news.
4:19 No, it’s payback for the Durbin thing.
4:20 I like how the Democrats are the biggest defenders of the War on Terror ever.
4:20 Giggle-Mania 2005 Gorin: 7; Karol 4.
4:21 LOVE the VON BEK. “The movement to ban war came from the right, not the left.” HAHAHHAA But come on, Ace is wrong about more than one thing.
4:22 The Russia guy wrote to his mom “please this is a resort compared to Russia.”
4:23 These are the same people exhorting the virtues of Cuba.
4:23 People were patriotic for one week, just long enough to get the patriot act passed.
4:23 For a period of two weeks there was unanimity that we needed to act.
4:24 “When we weren’t seizing a city a day, suddenly it was a quagmire.”
4:28 “get me the Oxycontin and I am ready for the big time”
4:29 Ace doesn’t read KArol’s site.
4:29 Greenville John “sounds like conservative beliefs” Can a Jewish conservative comedian make it in NY or anywhere else”
4:29 I’m not such a minority as an extra terrestial. After all the conservatives started coming out of the closet after 9/11, I finally got an audience (hmm…so the building collapse did not only sent the rats scurrying.)
4:31 Ace(a reimagining): “Are conservatives so starved for approval that they will even laught your act”
4:31 Gigglefest 2005 Gorin:16 Karol:9 (It’s a blow out people!)
4:32 “nasueating Bill Maher audiences are testing you to see how funny you can be.”
4:32 conservative comedy is about setting fire to homeless people?
4:33 Ace is big on the cursing…conservatives can handle about three curses an hour?
4:33 “Do not switch the dial because you heard Kosovo” (umm..Julia, if we didn’t switch “the dial” by now…we’re here to stay.)
4:34 We were allied with Al quaeda against christian serbs who were dealing with terrorism in their own backyard.
4:34 Julia “is on a crusade” about this.
4:35 Ethnic Albanian….blah blah blah erstwhile saviors blah blah blah…”my fellow americans if kosovo is given independence we wil have to leave. We are so screwed if they get independence”
4:36 karol “what did we do wrong first?” “our flawed policy started with bosnia which causes people’s eyes to glaze over even more than kosovo.”
4:37 Man, I wish asphnxma would call.
4:37 “We don’t know anything, is what Ace is trying to say.” – Karol (Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a motto for HTAAF)
4:39 Ummm…Julia, we’re trying to live-blog what you’re syaing…please stop saying mujahadeen.
4:39 She hasn’t blamed Clinton yet…Wesley Clark took a few jabs for “his friends and fundraisers” who want war.
4:40 Ace(As if he reads my comments): “Clinton was trying a cutsey three bumper play”
4:41 “So what’s the question Ace?
4:41 “Anti-semites are out and about and they’re not going back” (hmmm…sounds like new york conservatives.
4:42 ring, ring.
4:44 Soo hungry.
4:46 “Why were you on MTV and more importantly why wasn’t I” (Ace, funny.) Dorian’s “trick” is that he can name all the number one songs and how long they were number one.
4:47 “That was absolutely never a number one song” (wheels in the sky by journey)
4:47 Ace you have unconventional taste. Tehse were not number songs)
4:48 Hit me Baby one more time — was number 1 for two weeks in 1999. Karol: “See that’s skill, whether we don’t know if it’s true is neither here nor there.”
4:48 He pegged a recent song down to the year it was released, I’m impressed (Heh.)
4:48 Dorian “It’s two against one, I am very nervous”
4:49 I don’t believe that setting things on fire counts as speech, that’s violent activity, not speech.
4:49 The reason I am against it they are trying to make teh point that they we live in a racist, fascist country and the fact that they aren’t arrested proves that they don’t live.
4:50 Dorian: “That’s a fabulous point” Love the Dorian.
4:51 Dorian is a Buchanite right wing conservative “and you also happen to be gay” – Ace after making sure everyone knows that he cleared this with Dorian beforehand.
4:52 Phelps is “not on our side” “I wanna more about Fred Phelps before I claim him as anyhwere near on my side”
4:52 Ace: “How does that make you feel?”
Dorian: “The entire liberal establishment hates me”(Wait, really? I NEVER GET THESE DAMN MEMOS)
4:53 Dorian “We are all united in the larger cause of making this country, the best country it can be”
4:54 Hustler, Penthouse and now they are broadcasting from the “very echoy Playboy mansion grotto”? What is going on in that “studio”? Everything must be sooo sticky.
4:58 “Dorian is a bit perturbed by this court”
most lackluster do0-nothing Supreme Court “in my lifetime” which is barely 21…Ace: “God, I hate you!” (Indeed -ed.)
4:59 Ace: I blame Sandra Day O’connor, “she constantly turns the law into dog food.” “She won’t settle on a brightline rule and … I won’t shed any tears when she retires. Who is going to replace her Dorian?”
4:59 Dorian: “I would like to see Pricilla Owens or Janice Rogers elevated to replace her.”

20 Responses to “SOOO HUNGRY…”

  1. Alceste Says:

    Doesn’t it start in half an hour? Don’t you have work to do? More importantly, when does birthday season start this year?

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Check your hotmail account.

  3. Karol Says:

    How about letting all your readers know where they too can listen to ‘Hoist the Black Flag’?

  4. Von Bek Says:

    Yeah. Afraid so.

  5. Von Bek Says:

    4:02 Are there people who read this weekly “collection of snarky comments and giddy mishearings?”

    This was what I was answering to.

  6. Alceste Says:

    To be honest, I only read the snarky comments…

  7. Karol Says:

    “What rove said about liberals wanting to prepare indictments and therapy is obviously an exageration since liberals didn’t want to do anything at all”

    I’m funny. Give me a dollar.

  8. Von Bek Says:

    No. Based on your giggles, Ace is funny. So give him a dollar.

  9. Von Bek Says:

    Nothing better than smacking around the Trotskycons with American history !

  10. Von Bek Says:

    Oooo. I’m a subversive ! Ace, you’ll find me on your right amigo, not your left.

  11. Ari Says:

    Haahaa!!! Karol and Ace’s guest just said “Crusade” – did you stop live blogging because you went over there to kill them all??

  12. Ari Says:

    Aw… Ace requested off Karol a mojito… did Dorian make him gay? Or, is it not safe to stand up in the Grotto right now? Opine…

  13. Karol Says:

    (Wait, really? I NEVER GET THESE DAMN MEMOS)

    Dude, check your blogroll. You’re not anywhere near the liberal establishment. You’re actually further in with the conservative establishment.

  14. Alceste Says:

    She’s got a point Dawn – now that you dropped those league of liberal wackos all you have are iocaste and the rick’s…

  15. Karol Says:

    now that you dropped those league of liberal wackos

    we love the Alceste.

  16. Dawn Summers Says:

    Lotta love today.

  17. Karol Says:

    But not at you. You we still hate.

  18. Dawn Summers Says:

    Give me my $9000

  19. Ari Says:

    $9000 eh? For someone who hates touching, you must be awfully good 😉

  20. Dawn Summers Says:

    ewwwwwwwwwwwww. Banned, banned, banned I say.

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