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My weekly Dorian Davis IM tells me it’s that time of the week again…

4:00 PM Dorian: What do you think would get higher ratings–“Hoist the Black Flag” or dead air time?
4:01 PM Me: Hoist
4:02 PM: Dorian: “Hoist the Black Flag” or a Louis Anderson special?
4:03 Too easy. Louis, of course.
4:04 PM Windows Media is giving me the option of playing Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback video instead of listening to the livecast…what’s a girl to do.
4:05 …few times I bee around that track…
4:06 Ace already talking.. “post patriotism” people who have turned thir backs on love of country in favor of something greater.
4:07 Outing is ok if it’s Republicans or Bush. And Republican homosexuals are ok. (Or your name is Robert Novak. The more you know, kids, the more you know -ed.)
4:07 The Times’s specificity is what upsets Ace because it’s “not in keeping with the covert nature.” Ace then proceeds to repeat all this specificity to at least one person who didn’t read the article.
4:09 Story would have been unobjectionable if it wasn’t so helpful to foreign governments or al qaeda.
4:09 Awww…NYT makes the CIA’s job much tougher.
4:10 Ace questions what they are patriotic towards. “In teh old days” no one would attempt to publish a story like this (awwww…Ace shares his youth with the listeners. -ed.)
4:12 Ornery blog gets a plug.
4:13 “Whose heart breaks a little when it burns” (HAHAHAHAHAAHAH -ed. And dude, I love Adam Sandler movies…so watch with the generalizations.)
4:13 Cops who walk the ebat will never see the fortune that capitalism can give you, but believe in it more than those who make millions and then sneer (oooh, good word.)
4:14 Something to think about on memorial day. (Is this taped?)
4:15 Karol: “A Time for us to think about how lucky we are to be here” (That’s right immigrant girl, and we can send you back anytime.)
4:15 Herman Cain’s “They think you stupid.” (Possibly because you don’t use verbs in your book titles….)
4:16 Herman: you need to be more vocal and involved and not just on election day. (Hell yeah!)
4:16 Republicans have voter sign up drives.
Republican party is much more organize than the democrats. It’s easy to beat the demopcrats when they are so unorganized.
4:17 the disappioint to me is what the republiocan leadership has not done. they ahve not fiolled the president aggressive leadership on social security and the idea of optional personal retirement accounts. after we made all thsi hoopla about republican control. the presdeint ahs been out tehre quarterbacking while the offensive line stayed on the sidelibnes. The public has got to keep teh elected representive feet to the fire. “:in order for them to see the light, they’ve got to feel the fire.
(Clareified Scoop: Georgia Senate candidate says “Set your officals on fire. Let the MothaF-ckas burn.”
4:19 Correct the misinformation that teh Democrats put out.
4:20 Karol: “She’s my congresswoman!” (umm..budddy you live on the east side -ed.)[Update: My bad.]
4:20 wake up call has got to be for everybody. teh Republicans need to start playing to win. Not putting together seven republicans and seven democrats because all that did was divide and keep it in limbo.
4:21 Bush has attempted to do what Clinton promised to do. Ace voted for Clinton in ’92.
4:21 Do you think the Democrats have principled disagreement or opportunist obstructionism.?
4:22 Cain: “Absolutely opportunism. First time in a long time that we’ve have a republican president and republican congress. For decades it’s been moving toward 2017 and there’ll be more money coming out than money coming in.”
4:23 Cain: They are going to have to raise taxes and reduce benefits. The only question will be when will they raise taxes. They want to wait until it’s in a crisis situation so that they can say we can’t cut off grandma’s check so we have to raise taxes “Agin” (HAHAHAHAHAHAH…southerners talk funny. -ed.)
4:28 Herman Cain has a website, and a radio show and A BOOK!!!! Buy Buy Buy.
4:29 “New York Liberal Times” (I wish. -ed.)
4:29 Did I mention that Herman Cain has a book?
4:29 Get this! Ever since teh president signed the tax cuts we have 14 quarters of gdp growth. yet the democrats still say where are the good jobs. (sons of bitches. -ed.)
4:30 how much growth or retraction is based on psycology of the people? Ace thinks that showing the printing of 100 dollar bills makes the economy grow. (Who think you stupid now? -ed.)
4:31 Cain thinks it’s deliberate and impacts the public. The Consumer Index reflects people feeling confident and will spend money and plan longer term. But when the media plants negative ideas it impacts people in a negative way and puts a drain and a draw on people. (Again…who think you’re stupid folks?)
4:32 Cain is a true conservative not just a Republican. democratic party is ideologically bankrupt. What did john kerry put on the table? nothing. at least Republicans put their ideas on the table. “Fair tax proposal,” “personal accounts. Clareified Scoop: Cain Prefers Sucky ideas
4:33 I’m not happy with every idea they have all the time but the Democrats have enetered the Dark side as darth vader would say “okaaay?” (No buddy we don’t claim that we are on darth’s side, we merely pray that Darth is on our side.)
4:35 Dems haven’t had an origincal idea since FDR signed teh Social Security bill. Naacp subsidiary of the democratic party and teh AARP which is another subsidiary of the democratic party.
4:36 Cain worked for America’s Pact? (guess you get a lot of time on your hands when you don’t get out of your party’s primary. -ed.) Had comemrcials and radio ads in black markets and where they ran those ads on the issues, not just “Salute the republican flag” (hmmm….i wonder how many stars on the Republican flag…-ed.)African american votes in those markets were twice what they were nationally, “It’s not a white problem or a black problem, it’s a green problem.”
4:37 Cain: Now Republicans have just got to produce results on these issues. (HAHAHAHAHAHAAH)
4:38 Ace thinks blacks don’t think… about voting Republican.
4:38 Karol: “you’ve got to reach out to them.” (Awww…they are going to take time out of their day “to reach out to us.”)
4:36 Hey, look slike Herman Cain has got a book out.
4:39 Ace only has moron opinions. (Heh -Ed.)
4:40 European beuacratic elites desperately want this. And they are unresponsive to the true wishes of the people they are serving. Dude, is Ace praising the French??
4:41 The death penalty is popular in Europe among the people, but they main the fascade of superiority is because they are not respecting the wishes of their own population. (Dude, how many Americans want to legalize drugs? Or get out of Iraq? Who listens to them? -ed.)
4:45 OK. Home stretch.
4:45 “Wildly popular” Yet it gets a plug. Dangnabit.
4:45 Charles Johnson is on in the ‘Pipes slot.’ Herman had to leave early.
4:46 Charles loves Europe, just doesn’t like certain Europeans.
4:46 No vote is good regardless of the reasons. It was a rejection of american values and capitalism and everyone wanted to keep their 35 hour work week and six week vacation.
4:47 Ace is on board with the French lifestyle. (Dude, me too. -ed.)
4:47 In the long run, it’s better taht they voted it down.
4:48 Ace: anti-americanism is the jingoism of europe. passive-aggressive national pride. (Hahahaha…good line. -ed.)
4:48 Why do they keep putting that number up there? Does this show have callers anymore?
4:49: Switching gears from Europe to teh middle east. (Smooth, Kar, smooth -ed.)
4:49 Charles “Abbas is Arafat in a nicer suit.” He has a history of being a holocaust denier.
4:50 Charles plugs the blog.
4:50 Ace asks about his politics. Charles was a “left-leaning” independent.
4:51 Is he allied with a party or just in the pro war against terrorism? Karol has heard of “Little Green Football Conservative.”
4:51 Ace still chasing that crazy blog money.
4:52 Charles: People who were socially kinda liberal are now quite a bit more hawkisk on the foreign policy terrorism front.
4:52 Charles simply reposts stories. he is anti-radical Islam. I know some Muslims who were quite wonderful.(“Some of his best freinds are Muslim -ed.)
4:53 Islam always spoke with a sword in the hand”
4:54 This might be their best show so far -ed.
4:56 My favorite part of the show!!! How will they sign off? Any bets?
4:57 A caller! John from Greeenville. Is this the same guy from the first show?
4:58 How do you feel about *cyberstalkers* (umm…against? -ed.)
4:58 Charles: they have become somewhat of a problem because they have become a nuisiance. People find out his clients and have people call and harrass them.
4:59 Ace is right in being defensive about his anonymity. If Charles had it to do over, I might have been anonymous.
5:00 Closer this week: “This is Ace with ma buddy Karol and hopefully we’ll *see* you nect week on HTAAF.” Ah…now Karol is saying ‘bye-bye.’

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  1. kma Says:

    Uh, the title of his book is, “They Think You’re Stupid . . .”

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    OK. Southerners talk funny so it sounded like he said “You”

  3. kma Says:

    Do you talk funny?

  4. Gib Says:

    Actually, “They Think You Stupid” would have been a great title.

    Comedic irony and all that.

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