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Hollywood just doesn’t know how to do movies about race. That horrible Anthony Hopkins as black man flick…John Travolta in White Man’s Burden…now Crash. Disasters all. Am I supposed to ooh and ahhh when a racist white cop saves a woman from a burning car even though she’s…gasp…black?
Or be shocked that a Mexican guy with tatooes all over his body is a good father?
Oh and don’t forget Chinese immigrants sometimes have accents.
It’s just soooo crazy, I smell an Oscar.
I guess so, because that is the only explanation I have for the critical success of Crash.
The dialogue is almost as predictable as the “ironic” situations the characters find themselves in. Of course, the good white cop ends up shooting an unarmed black kid. Or that rich white lady realizes her Hispanic maid really is only “friend.” (Yeah, I’ll be your friend too missus, as long as that check clears every month. Biatch.)
It’s kinda depressing that in 2005 this tripe is considered groundbreaking.
Yeah, we all have different cultures, backgroundS and economic realities, but hopefully we can all agree that we don’t need to plunk down $10.50 to watch some lame ass movie “explore” those differences.


  1. Petitedov Says:

    I was seriously considering watching Crash, but was afraid of exactly what you just described. Thanks Dawn for saving me 9 bucks.

  2. Karol Says:

    You are so becoming more of a conservative with age.

  3. Clareified » Blog Archive » Dawn’s DVD days Says:

    […] After briefly flirting with the crazy bar having, pool playing nightlife, I have reverted to my natural homebody state. Fisch and I decided to marathon watch the first season of The Wire, so I ended up getting the new “Blockbuster All Access” deal and let me tell you: WOW! Netflix is so very dead. I got the first three Wire DVDs from Blockbuster and then the other three from Netflix. (Please note, this post is a recommendation that you sign up for DVDs from Blockbuster, not that you watch the Wire. The Wire sucks. The only reason people tell you that the Wire does not suck is because they know they have wasted like 10 hours of their lives on a thing which sucks and this makes them bitterly want others to similarly waste their lives, so they lie. Hmm…on second thought, this post is a recommendation both for you to sign up for DVDs from Blockbuster AND the Wire. The Wire is awesome.) The cool thing with the Blockbuster DVDs is that you can exchange them at any Blockbuster store and get THREE FREE MOVIES in exchange! PLUS, the store mails the DVDs back for you AND you’ll get THREE new ones in the mail! I used one of the instore rentals to get Dumb and Dumber because Fisch said that it was “really funny. I can’t believe that you have never seen it. You have to get it. You are going to laugh your ass off.” Now, I don’t know why I didn’t abandon this plan when I saw that the review that the producers put right there ON THE BOX said “This movie is dumb.” But I didn’t. And boy. Was it. Honestly, I haven’t found Jim Carrey funny since he left In Living Color and I was kinda disturbed that Jeff Daniels was wasting away in this flick. Fischel, on the other hand, laughed and laughed. “Man, I saw this when I was twelve and it was like my favorite movie.” “When’s the last time you saw it, though?” “Um…when I was twelve.” Awesome. I don’t know why I trusted a man that thought Crash was a good movie until the fourth time he saw it. Crashed sucked. Right there at first sight. So, in review: cancel your Netflix subscriptions. Go with Blockbuster. Immediately rent the Wire. And Dumb and Dumber is dumb. No, seriously. Not like ha ha cute dumb. Just dumb. Regular dumb. Don’t do it. Unless you are a twelve year old boy. Or are Fischel, who still thinks like one. […]

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