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Evidently, the armed forces are having a tough time filling their ranks. Meanwhile, in other news the past 20 years has seen an unprecedented explosion of this country’s prison population.

Now, I ain’t no mathematicist, but I’d say the time has come for some kind of xXx(the movie not the adult industry) program where men with life sentences can volunteer to serve their time on the frontlines. It’s not everyday you’re going to find free labor.

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  1. cube Says:

    Actually, i would be for volunteers (who are carefully screened) serving out their time in the army (for free).

    We are going to give them free health care not matter what, they might as well get a chance to turn their life around.

    I would think that all the unit would need would be more supervision.

  2. cube Says:

    of course you forgot to mention that crime rates have been dropping for the last 20 years and are very low right now.

  3. Don Myers Says:

    “The Dirty Dozen” could become a Pentagon policy paper.

  4. Jake Says:

    That is why the Defense Department is awarding $127 billion dollars in contracts to create aerial and land-based combat robots.

    The prisoners will not be needed. They will have to sit in their cells and contemplate the grief and despair they brought the victims of their crimes.

  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    It’s always robots and Star Wars with you people!

  6. Jake Says:

    Yes Dawn. You will be on the front lines of demonstrators chanting:

    “Bring our robots home”

  7. Dawn Summers Says:

    hahahahahahahah “Bring our robots home”

    Jake funny.

    But I like “No bolts for oil” better.

  8. PAUL Says:

    hahaha Dawn “No bolts for oil” THAT was funny.

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