Where does the good go



Condoleezza Rice is expected to support administration officials who want to leave even if what is left behind does not constitute perfection.

Maybe the Secretary of State is eyeing a White House bid after all….

3 Responses to “CUT & RUN CONDI?”

  1. Yaron Says:

    I don’t think it’s being done as a sop to popular opinion; I wouldn’t describe it as a “cut & run” either. It makes good strategic sense to start letting the Iraqis handle their own security, and to show the skeptics in the Arab world that democracy is not being imposed on the Iraqis against their will. I don’t think it contradicts anything the administration’s said before, either; it was Kerry who campaigned on higher troop levels, after all.

    Though hey, why hasn’t anyone written about the party yet? Didn’t anyone go?

  2. Petitedov Says:

    Ya, specifically you weren’t there.
    :( You’re (and Mike) def. in the dog house for not showing… Besides it was so good i think people are still recovering from it and thus no blogging.

  3. Yaron Says:

    Yeah, well, I was tired. And a little bit partied out for that weekend. The whole weekend sort of felt like an extended bender.

    Plus, I didn’t know for sure that you were coming – how’s that?

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