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Because I’m a sucker for the underdog

Because I’m a sucker for the underdog

Go Michigan State.

2 Responses to “Because I’m a sucker for the underdog”

  1. Gib Says:

    The only team in the Final Four that hasn’t won an NCAA title is Illinois. Michigan State is the team with the most recent title, and their coach has the highest winning percentage in NCAA tournament history.

    You obviously favor the rich getting richer at the expense of a more equitable distribution of NCAA titles among all deserving teams. Tom DeLay would be so proud.

  2. Force Majeure Says:

    I think she just favors a hard working team full of seniors that have proved its critics wrong in making the final four by beating two of the most storried programs in college basketball (Duke and Kentucky). What’s not to like about the Spartans?

    GO STATE!!!

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