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FX has been showing the early Season Six episodes. Giles is kind of a jerk. Why shouldn’t he be raising Dawn and paying the bills, Buffy only has Dawn because of her slayer duties — clearly a course of business kind of thing. And her house is always getting busted up because of all manner of demon fighting. Seems that Giles should be using the Watcher’s Council budget to pay for everything and assume responsibility for Dawn. I can’t believe he left her with two college students.

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  1. Gib Says:

    You would think the Watcher’s Council would have a budget for Slayer living expenses and such. It’s in their interest to have a focused Slayer, after all. All that time Buffy was at the Doublemeat Palace, she wasn’t out slaying the big bad. (Well, there was that old chick with the snake in her head, but other than that, the Doublemeat was not a major source of threats to humanity.)

  2. Esther Says:

    Wasn’t Giles tossed from the Watcher’s Council, and is therefore not eligible for their 501C3 plan?
    I’m making my way through season 4 now, when I get all the way through season 7, I’ll post my “order”.

  3. Dawn Summers Says:

    Hmmm, you can probably issue your decision after reaching slightly more than halfway through season 5.

  4. Hi there Says:

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