Where does the good go



According to a poll of 100 commenters, the results will be:

Bush: 43
Kerry: 38
Nader: 4
Badnarik: 2
Not voting/Dorks: 4

Can five people go over there and vote for Kerry please?

UPDATE: Evidently it doesn’t go without saying, don’t go there and vote for Bush, only Kerry.

Go there and vote for Kerry.

6 Responses to “DEPRESSED”

  1. Karol Says:

    Thanks, I voted!

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Hopefully, that’s the only vote for Bush you’ll be casting.

  3. Karol Says:

    And hopefully, encouraging people to vote on some poker website will be the most influence you’ll have this election season.

  4. Pauly Says:

    Man, I am shocked at the results so far… but I’m keeping the polls open for a little while longer.

    Thanks for the linkup.

  5. Karol Says:

    How do you know that it’s not the same people voting over and over?

  6. upyernoz Says:

    hey! great idea!!! i can vote over and over

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