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AP reports on tonight’s debates…

AP reports on tonight’s debates…Right Now!

Apparently, the future doesn’t have spell check or copy editing.

With a record of four years in office to defend, Bush had a debate strategy of being optimistic about Iraq but acknowledging that times were tough. His stance is that Americans know he is a decisive leader even if they don’t always agree with his decisions and that Kerry has taken conflicting positions on Iraq and can’t be trusted to lead the nation.

Although Kerry voted to give Bush authority to invade Iraq, he says he would not have followed Bush’s path to war a path that alienated allies and, the Democrat says, left Americans less secure. Kerry argues Bush is out of touch with reality, paints too rosy a picture about Iraq and lacks a strategy to end the crisis.

Kerry also says Bush has neglected other major problems like North Korea and Iran, two nations suspected of pursing nuclear weapons.


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  1. Alceste Says:

    Checked with my source at (the source of that particular version of the AP wire) – each side has sent strategy releases to the press so that they can get their stories out as quickly as possible – we saw a test run of the strategy portion of the news story – apparently, this is standard practice (although I wonder if it’s standard to actually puclish it on the website)

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