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When I first started blogging, actually in my very first post, I confessed that “Now that I’ve jumped on, blogging is officially a bandwagon! Fortunately, if my history is any indication (joined the Seinfeld and Spice Girl Power craze in 1997, shortly before the end) that also means it’s almost over.”

Once again, my late term trend following has ended a good thing.

Two weekends ago, the USA network ran an eight-hour marathon of ‘Monk.’ After hour four I was hooked. I taped as many episodes as I could find and then I put in a request for Season 1 on Netflix.

But now the show is about to be retooled. Straight-talking Sharona (and I suppose her son) are out and the producers are looking for “a world-weary but attractive thirtysomething widow who works as a bartender.”

Shark, meet jump.

Monk doesn’t drink, he’s definitely not going to be chilling in a bar and picking up bartenders.

He needs someone to hand him wipes and separate his food.

He needs Sharona. Mmpph.

6 Responses to “WOE IS ME”

  1. iocaste Says:


  2. Alceste Says:

    Looks like she got a little bit greedy – crazy cable actors thinking they should be paid like network actors…

  3. Alceste Says:

    Galilean Citizens for Truth??? How in the world did haloscan decide that ad fit with the post?

  4. Esther Says:

    I know–this is bad news. Loved Bitty Schram. What a Schram. I mean, sham. I mean, shame. Also, FYI-USA is having a marathon all day on Labor Day.

  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    yeah, but what’s the point now? Not even tony shaloub can make this right…

  6. Dawn Summers Says:

    maybe because it’s about “Monk”

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