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“So there you have it, kids, straight from the horse’s ass. The Misnamed Global War on Terror is unwinnable.”

If people hadn’t been killed, this would be funny.

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  1. Rick Blaine Says:

    It’s actually a great strategy. Bush would literally have to convert to Islam while being ass-fucked by Ted Kennedy and chewing on a fetus before the lunatics Mithras calls Bush’s “base” would even consider voting for anyone else. So why not throw a few softballs down the middle? It’s not like its going to stop him from saying or doing anything inconsistent later on.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:


  3. Rick Blaine Says:

    I actually was disappointed by Edwards’ reaction.

    The war on terror is as unwinnable as the war on drugs, yet did Edwards/Kerry say:

    “We applaud President Bush for finally admitting that the “war on terror” on which he has based his campaign is an unattainable fantasy; and that he was wrong about global warming and failed to adequately plan for Iraq. We admire his newfound willingness to be honest with the American people. But this is too little too late. There is little room for error in national security, especially in a post-9/11 world, and we cannot afford to gamble on what the next list of admissions will be four years hence. President Bush has owned some of his mistakes, and we hope he will find the courage to own the rest of them, and to apologize for them. In the meantime, we are ready to set the country back on course.”

    No, they give a simplistic, Bushian response that ignores the complexities of the issue: “This is no time to declare defeat.” Idiots.

  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    WHAT? seriously??? good gravy, who is running their operation…hunker down for 4.3 more years of bush/cheney.

  5. upyernoz Says:

    rick’s right. the whole “war on terrorism” was never much more than a catchy slogan to dress up a bunch of aggressive foreign policies. any non-moron president would have declared a war on al-qaeda or bin laden after 9-11 and not pick a stupid abstration that guarantees ultimate failure

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