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“I got a young man named George W. Bush into the Texas Air Guard – and I’m ashamed.”
—Former Texas Lt. Gov Ben Barnes

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But that’s not all, reportedly Bush used his pull as Texas Governor to keep Barnes quiet.

But, oh yeah, the media is liberal and wants Kerry to win.

2 Responses to “THE FIX WAS IN”

  1. Rick Blaine Says:

    Typical liberal hack. You fail to mention that Barnes is a Democrat, who (unlike Republicans) will toe the party line no matter what the cost to personal dignity or ethics.

    Oh, wait — He supported Scott McCleland’s mom in her re-election bid.

  2. cube Says:

    that claim has been widly debunked.

    he has said in earlier statments that while he was lt gov he got Bush in, well Bush got in before he became lt gov.

    though he did hold a post while bush got in, though it did not have as much power.

    i thought bush got in because he was willing to fly those dangerous planes.

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