Where does the good go



Confirming, once again, that all good things must end, my birthday season is officially over. As in year’s past, I planned just enough celebrations, ate enough birthday bake goods and drank more than enough birthday libations, to make me sigh with relief that it’s over.
Last night’s East coast close-out was awesome. (yes, it wasn’t enough that I had parties on land, in the air and on the water — this year I made it a bi-coastal affair.) Friends from law school and college, friends from Old and New LLP, and many of my new band of bloggers all converged on Kanvas to share my special season with me surrounded by mysterious New York street scenes.
The evening billed as the night of 29 Cosmos, was actually the night of 11 Cosmos (actually, the official blogger of the event had four Cosmos, plus my friends from college had two, so perhaps there were 29 collective Cosmos consumed after all…) I’ve written about my high tolerance for alcohol before, but last night’s marathon session produced mixed results.
While I couldn’t figure out the square root of 169, I could figure out the square root of 144.
While there was no pinching of the bottoms of any bouncers, there was an unusually high amount of hugging.
While I was able to offer a ride to a friend’s engagement party, I don’t now remember to whom.
While I was able to warmly greet all my guests, there were a few moments when I thought I had dreamed that someone came, only to be startled by seeing them sitting in a booth IRL.
While I was able to hail a cab and give clear, coherent directions to my home, I fell asleep after making the first turn onto the highway.
Finally, while I did wake at the end of that ride covered in my own vomit, I was able to launder and dry all my clothes that very night.
Thanks to “Mark,”(and candace for being there in spirit,) Lisa (all-white table notwithstanding) :), Jessica, Yaron, Ari, Oschisms, Scott (congratulations on getting credentials!), Alceste, Peter and Asphnxma for coming.
Thanks too, to Karol for covering the party. (I am choosing to ignore all insults about my outfit and any aspersions cast on my sobriety.)

7 Responses to “UNTIL NEXT YEAR”

  1. asphnxma Says:

    You offered the ride to me, Drunky McDrunkerton, and it seems I will be taking you up on it — my potential schedule conflicts have been resolved.

  2. Karol Says:

    I knew it!

  3. kaz Says:

    arghhhh, i missed the festivities, work be damned. your birthday season can’t be over, because we need to celebrate…

  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    Oh, it’s so over. Replaced by what looks like another year-long wedding season…

  5. Ivan Lenin Says:

    i must say it was a very sweet party, with good people in attendance. only why is my name “mark”?

  6. Dawn Summers Says:

    So that you could have an alias for your blog.

  7. candace Says:

    how did i miss a post that mentioned me? oh the shame.

    i’m just happy you felt my spirit. :)

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