Where does the good go



I read this headline in the NYT today:

Daughter Says Father’s Confessional Book Didn’t Confess His Molestation of Her

For some reason, I immediately thought it was about Chelsea. Yes, that Chelsea.

It’s not.


3 Responses to “SINKING FEELING”

  1. candace Says:

    I’m surprised that you’d have thought such a thing would be on the “books” page and not front-page news. Oh, wait, it was in The New York Times. Nevermind.

    Politics aside, I wouldn’t have read that article had you not linked it, but wow. It seems so obvious that the man is guilty, and still somewhat insanely in denial. Sometimes I think people “convert,” thinking that it gets them a free pass from dealing with the things they’ve done in the past. But I think the people who have really come clean are more than willing to own up to their past — all of it, even the really, really horrible stuff — and not just recount it for the purpose of selling books. And, they genuinely feel they deserve to be punished.

    This guy, on the other hand, appears to have gone from one form of insanity to another.

  2. ken Says:

    Wow, Dawn, I don’t know what that says about the type of people you like to vote for that you’d even think such a thing. 😉

    Hell, such a thought about Bubba wouldn’t even cross MY mind.

  3. Michael Says:

    Yeah, like Ken said. Clinton is funny in the girl department, but child molesting isn’t one of his issues. (Monica was an adult who THOUGHT like a child. different story.)

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