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New Jersey; New Math

New Jersey; New Math

Millionaire’s Tax on those earning $500,000 or more.

I’m not against the tax, but dude a million’s got 7 seven digits. I can barely match six tickets to six people, and even I know that. And then, they’re using the money for…schools? housing? healthcare? NO!! Tax cut rebate checks!

Lordamercy, get on the trolley people.

(Incidentally, my trip to San Fran has taught me that getting on the trolley ain’t as easy as Bart Simpson would have us believe.)

P.S. For all you Jerseyites out there, do you guys have your own newspapers or do you just rely on the Post, the Daily News and Newsday? If so, what’s it called?

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  1. Alceste Says:

    Not sure if it’s for a tax cut – the state has a program where renters and homeowners get a state rebate for the property taxes they pay to local governments – i think this ensures program is fully funded and a larger portion can be deducted

    also, there is a newark star-ledger (i think) and a bergen county record of which i’m aware – but i think i see the daily news more than anything else at the corner store near my apt.

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