Where does the good go



So far the one clear overwhelming mistake “purchase” (I count it as one of the 12 free) has been “The Best of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.”

Yuck, yuck, yuck. With apologies to Peter, my finger is getting tired from all the interaction with my fast forward button.

***UPDATE*** Ummm…what the hell? He kills her with a rock because “all beauty must die”?

Then, I have my “likely mistake” candidate, “dierks bentley.” But I do like two songs on it…

2 Responses to “BMG UPDATE”

  1. candace Says:

    is it wrong that i like you more now that i know you have a soft spot for dierks bentley? he looks like my brother, only slightly more built and not as cute…

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Nothing that makes you like me more, can be wrong! 😉 (My favorite song is my last name…but ‘what was I thinking is funny, too.”)

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