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I flew back from Columbus last night in the middle of a thunderstorm. At one point, looked out my window and saw nothing but ominous gray/black clouds periodically interrupted by flashes of lightning.

The pilot and flight attendant told us not to worry because these kind of storms are typical in the area and that the storms move at about 50 MPH, so “they get out of the way pretty fast.” (Of course, doesn’t that also mean that they can get in the way pretty fast?)

But I got to thinking, Ohio is a battleground state and I bet Kerry is going to be flying there a lot. What if his plane crashes?

I think that the nomination goes to Al Gore with John Edwards as VP. I also think the next man that marries Theresa Heinz Kerry will drive everywhere.

2 Responses to “RANDOM THOUGHT #15,121”

  1. ken Says:

    No way would the nomination go to Gore. Absolutely not. Unless, of course, the guiding lights of the Democratic party blamed the plane crash on the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. And we all know they’re above that sort of behavior.

    But what would be great for the VRWC types–especially the conspiracy types–is if Kerry went down and HILLARY got the nod. Then they’d say she killed Vince Foster, Ron Brown AND John Kerry. Spooky!

  2. cube Says:

    if kerry was knocked out, i think that hillary or john edwards would get the nod.

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