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Spyware sucks. I will vote for any candidate, of any party, in any jurisdiction in which I am allowed to vote, that puts forth legislation that mandates a sentence of 20 years to life for anyone who causes spyware to be distributed, downloaded or in any way cause my computer to explode and require complete replacement.

This may be the one exception to my opposition to the death penalty.

OK. Rant over. Bastards. Over …. now.

The company car I took home last night had a TV inside!!! I watched the AI DeGarmo/Barrino face off. Oh, the depths to which they sucked have yet to be explored by man. I could pick who was “best,” but that would be like choosing a winner in a Fran Drescher-Maggie Wheeler whine off. Does anybody “win” in such a competition?

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  1. Gib Says:

    Missed AI. Apparently the Governor held a big “Dial for Diana” or some such nonsense over at the mansion last night.

    As for the spyware thing, all I can say is Amen.

  2. ken Says:

    Spyware, huh? You been trying out the links from Fleshbot again?

  3. dawn Says:

    drudgereport actually.

  4. Alceste Says:

    Slate offers a similar solution for those who write worms and viruses too…

  5. candace Says:

    Rant is not over. I am in full support of your righteous anger.

  6. Scott Says:

    Drudge does have tracking cookies but nothing that would cause you problems…you probably got the spyware from ‘’.

    Denial is the first sign of a problem.

    Go to and search ‘adaware’. Download the program (ad-aware 6.0 build 181… fer free n shit) and install it. Run it weekly (daily if your into porn) and I’m sure your problems will end.

    ….eewwwww I just helped out a liberal.

  7. Esther Says:

    A comment on the Drescher v. Wheeler Celebrity Deathmatch. Wheeler has range (her voice isn’t really like that…I’ve seen her in dramatic roles, and she’s really good), whereas I have yet to see Drescher in a non-Nannyish role. My two cents.

  8. ginger Says:

    I recommend Ad-aware too. Also available from is Spybot Search and Destroy. My computer was terribly infected, so I downloaded both programs and you would not believe how many programs they found.

  9. Karol Says:

    Well, if spammers can get up to 7 years in prison, I think it’s reasonable for spyware spreaders to get the death penalty.

  10. Dawn Summers Says:

    They need to publicize that case more if they really want it to have an effect.

  11. Dawn Summers Says:


    Kudos for being the only one to comment on the really substantive part of that post!!!! :) I agree, with you, btw.

  12. Dawn Summers Says:

    Slate good, vermiscripters bad.

  13. Andrew Says:

    It’s not quite 20 years (ok, it’s only a misdemeanor), but NY may criminalize dissemination of spyware.

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