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In the vein of the old ‘Kevin Bacon Game,’ I bring to you “Six Degrees of Instapundit.”

Essentially: how many permalinks separate your wee little blog from the undisputed King of the ‘Sphere?

Clareified is at a respectable 3!

Instapundit links to Misha, Misha links to Spot On and Spot On links to yours truly!

What’s your Instapundit Number?

12 Responses to “MINDLESS FUN”

  1. Karol Says:

    Censor!!!! I guess this is what happens in Janet Reno’s America.

  2. Karol Says:

    *The original comment had to be edited for accuracy*

  3. Karol Says:


  4. ken Says:

    Two. And I have at least Two twos.
    Instapundit links to Moxie. Moxie links to me.
    Insta links to Dawn Olsen. Dawn Olsen links to me.

  5. Gib Says:

    Same as Ken. I’m on Moxie’s site someplace.

  6. Dawn Summers Says:

    Dude, if this were Janet Reno’s America I would take you out of your apartment at gun point.

  7. cube Says:

    i am sitting at five.

    I am a small fry in the big grease pit of the world.

  8. ugarte Says:

    Would you believe that we are at 2? Instapundit –> The Fat Guy –> Rick’s.

  9. Dinosaur Says:

    Does being close to InstaBushApologist mean you will be as one sided as he is?

  10. dawn Says:

    no. it doesn’t even mean more hits as evidenced by rick’s 2. :)

  11. candace Says:

    I’m same as Ken AND same as Dawn, though Ken’s connection is shorter (HA!). That’s a long and interesting web actually. Small world?

  12. Hi there Says:

    Are you there?

    I was waiting for this kind of posts …

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