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Karen Hughes

5 Responses to “WHO’S FRENCH NOW?”

  1. Eric Says:

    Does being born in France make you a citizen? Or is it dependent on the citizenship of your parents?

  2. scott s Says:

    Probably dual.

    But Dawn, by implying that her Frenchness is bad, you give credence to the fact that French… is bad.

    Is that what you’re saying?

  3. dawn Says:

    well…it’s not *good*

  4. Karol Says:

    Stop sweating Karen Hughes.

  5. pearatty Says:

    Most European countries (actually, most countries) do not have citizenship by virtue of being born on their soil. Rather, you have to be ethnically French or German or whatever, unless you naturalize. This is one reason why Germany, for instance, has huge populations of disaffected, disenfranchized, “foreigners” whose families have been living there for generations.

    So, short answer, Hughes is probably not French.

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