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2004 Better Things To Do on Election Day

2004 Better Things To Do on Election Day

… Than vote for George W. Bush.

Dear Pennsylvania Conservatives,

As you know by now, Pat Toomey fell to Arlen Specter yesterday.

Thanks, in part to the meddling of the President in your state’s election. What happened to the promises of state sovereignty and trusting the people. Your President has betrayed you. Now, I’m not suggesting you vote for John Kerry (I mean c’mon who wants to vote for John Kerry). However, it’s time to send President Bush a message. He has turned his back on fiscal conservatism, his administration thinks it’s ok for your jobs, not only to be shipped overseas, but also to be filled by illegal immigrants.
Enough is enough.
He wants to persuade the “swing voters” so much, let them re-elect him in November. You stay home with your kids, and your bible and your guns.
Look, don’t worry Kerry can’t win — no matter what — however, if you sit this one out, Bush’s victory margin will be small enough that the RNC will hear your anger loud and clear.
You will be taken seriously and once again have a hand in shaping your party which has been hijacked by these “moderates.”
So this is my call — let’s come up with 2004 better things to do with your election day than vote for Geroge W. Bush.
(I got a two-letter suggestion: WB).
Show President Bush what happens to “middle-of-the-roaders.”

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  1. Karol Says:

    Guy, what are you, Moby?

  2. Gib Says:

    Also remember, every Democrat and independent who crossed party lines to support Specter in the primary is now legally obligated to vote for Specter over Hoeffel in the general election.

    I mean it. Don’t make me send Cynthia McKinney up there to start suing people.

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