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Karen Hughes thinks pro-choice is pro-terror.

Good thing she doesn’t speak for the President anymore.


  1. scott s Says:

    That accusation is crap and a far stretch.

    She is talking about valuing life. The difference between terrorists -OVERALL – and America – OVERALL – is respect for life. THis commonly refers to suicide attacks, sacrificing your children for Jihad, etc.

    In America, we debate and legislate democratically our laws, including abortion. For Al Qaeda, there is no such debate. That is the difference. That is why pro-choicers are NOT Al Qaeda.

    Both, according to Bush, have to be dealt with. One is by democratic methods, the other by force.

    I doubt we’ll revert to force on the abortion issue – from a gov’t perspective. Meaning sending in troops to prevent deaths.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    What on earth do “9/11” and/or “terror” have to do with a question about abortion rights at all? Nothing. I think it’s laughable, on par with Kerry attring 3/5 answers with “when I served in Vietnam….” Takes being “on message” too far.. wait, she doesn’t speak for the President…

  3. Gib Says:

    This is absolutely horrible. To compare one side of the abortion debate to terrorists – reprehensible. Thank God the pro-choice side of the debate would never stoop to such cheap histrionics.

  4. Rick Blaine Says:

    Not nearly as far as stretch:

    Bush Administration = terrorists, because:

    1. Sacrificing American and Iraqi lives for an ill-begotten, unnecessary adventure in Iraq.

    1a. Sacrificing American military lives by failing to provide our soldiers with the support and equipment they require, including armor.

    2. Sacrificing the lives of our children for the economic interests of the oil, meatpacking, pharmaceutical, etc. industries.

    3. Killing potentially innocent convicts on death row.

    4. Failing to respect the lives of same sex couples

    5. Failing to respect the lives of unraped, unincestuous women whose fetuses may threaten their lives.

    6. Failing to respect the lives of those whose lives could be saved or vastly impoved through stem-cell research.

    7. Failing to respect the lives of every child being left behind by the “No Child Left Behind” travesty.

  5. Gib Says:

    It’s always different when it’s your ox being gored, ain’t it?

  6. Rick Blaine Says:

    how so?

  7. Gib Says:

    Simple. Whether or not something is offensive, inflammatory, unfair rhetoric or a perfectly reasonable position depends on which side you’re on. Since I’m not a fan, I’ll admit to a big of a tin ear where all these alleged questionings of Kerry’s patriotism are concerned. People who like the guy get legitimately outraged at what seem to me to be perfectly acceptable criticisms of the guy’s record. I, in turn, take offense at what I’m sure the left considers to be perfectly valid points about how everyone right of Ted Kennedy favors cross burnings.

    Karen Hughes’ statements don’t sound like anything I haven’t been heard conservatives accused of for years. When I posted my admittedly smart-assed comment, I figured someone would respond with some variant of “but it’s different when we say it, because then it’s true!” within a couple hours.

    And so the dance continues. Thrust and parry, parry and thrust…

  8. Gib Says:

    Or, if you prefer…”Ho! Ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust!


    [return bill to normal position. repeat.]

  9. Gib Says:

    “…practically offer to blow you if you’ll just go see “The Passion”. – I have been hanging out with wrong fundamentalist Christians.

  10. Rick Blaine Says:

    :) Still, I think you are not giving me enough credit. In fact, I think our point is the same one. My point was not “Oh, no, pro-choice people are not terrorists, Bushies are”, but rather, “See how stupid it sounds when I do it to your guy”?

    As someone who is probably more pro-life than pro-choice, I very much appreciated Dawn’s attack on hypocrisy. My beef is with the lack of honesty and responsibility generally. Like when the same folks who condemn the pervasive sex and violence in video games, TV and movies practically offer to blow you if you’ll just go see “The Passion”.

  11. Karol Says:

    This is a funny comment section. See what you’ve done Gib, you’ve made Rick Blaine funny.

  12. Rick Blaine Says:

    And they said it couldn’t be done.

  13. Gib Says:

    Wait a minute. I bring Daffy Duck into the abortion debate, and he’s the comedian?

  14. candace Says:

    Okay, but she’s not that far from the mainstream. Unless Seattle is some sort of weird bastion of extreme conservatism… I hate the idea but it comes up, on both sides. The other day in class, an honors seminar, mind you, I was alone in defending the position that when you decide it’s okay to hate someone because they think differently from you, you burn bridges that can’t be rebuilt and make everything worse. The response? “If you can’t -hate is a strong word- judge someone for what they believe, and not like them on that basis, what can you judge someone for?”

    There was a smug pause, in which they thought I’d been stumped. Until I opened my mouth and said,
    “Fine. Terrorist.”

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