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Nancy Pants

Nancy Pants

A couple of nights ago I watched the Showtime biopic, “The Reagans.” A couple of things jumped out at me, right away —
First: Judy Davis is an amazing television actress. Lifetime should immdiately sign her to a multi-movie deal for any number of their women in distress movies of the week, especially since Nancy McKeon is now otherwise gainfully employed.

Second: Boring, boring, boring. There’s just no pop to the film in the beginning…it’s a big snoozer — couldn’t they show him on dates with Shirley Temple or on the set of his movies…ooh and a cameo by Jane Wyman would have been priceless!

Third: The Reagans were absolutely awful parents. There’s this scene where Michael Reagan comes to visit and Nancy’s two children just stare at him in disbelief. Nancy, then goes to Ronnie and says “You should talk to them, Patti is positively ashen.” Ronnie replies “Mommy, you’re better at this kind of thing than I am.”
Nancy then cooly saunters over to young Patti and says “That’s your brother and his sister Maureen is your sister.”
I was in hysterics. Imagine what Dr. Phil would say…
Yesterday, I read the People magazine article about the present-day Reagans and how they struggle with the former President’s illness. Patti has a piece in the magazine about how she and her mother have reconciled ever since the death of her half-sister Maureen. At the end she adds that she and her mother read the script for “The Reagans” before the movie’s release and her mother commented “I’m sorry for the way you were portrayed.” Now, I know Patti takes this as a kind gesture from her mother, but having just finished the near-three hour flick, I have to say — the only person that came off really badly was Al Haig and Nancy Reagan.
Sure Patti is shown doing drugs, but who could blame her???
Nancy is the one that is painted as an egotistical, controlling, wacked-out, prima dona — so unless there were substantial edits to the script the only person that should be pitied is Nancy.

Well, and maybe Ron for that inexplicable 20 seconds when his 8 year old self is shown prancing around the Governor’s residence.

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  1. Jerry E. Nichols Says:

    This article is not about a film but a personal attack against a ‘has been’ but not a ‘never was’ like the author. It is but a spit ball shot at a Battleship, LOL.

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